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Are you a packaging distributor or user tired of overpaying for your packaging products? We operate a robust factory direct packaging service. Choose from our vast catalog of both direct import & unbranded domestically warehoused items  We currently specialize in THC & CBD packaging, but have many clients in other industries that require packaging as well. 


We only supply packaging. We do not sell, distribute, or process Cannabis, THC, or CBD of any kind.

Ibambo & Kopperko are two of our brands that we proudly own, manufacture, and operate. Click "Read More" to learn what our brands are all about!

Are you a packaging distributor with limited warehouse space? You may be a perfect fit for our pilot dropship program! You will never have to warehouse product and won't have to purchase the product until it is sold! We will ship the item directly to your customer with your information and no indication of BIKO's Involvement!



BIKO Industries, Inc. is a product manufacturer based in Cape Coral, FL. We have multiple US based warehouses and unmatched relationships with our factories. BIKO owns, manufacturers, and sells our two trademarked brands, Ibambo & Kopperko. In addition our brands, we operate robust domestic or factory direct wholesale, private label, & unbranded item services. 

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