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Factory Direct Packaging 

BIKO Industries has unmatched lead times and prices for factory direct packaging. We cater to packaging needs in all industries, but specialize in Cannabis & CBD packaging. We have a vast catalog of packaging including mylar bags, plastic bags, glass containers, plastic containers, glass syringes, and so much more!

Why you should work with BIKO Industries: 

-All direct import packaging is made to your specifications whether its private labeled or unbranded.

-All domestic inventory is unbranded.

-All childproof packaging comes tested & certified.

-Large direct import & domestic catalog.

-Multiple warehouse locations.

-Free packaging audit service.

-Unmatched customer service.

Contact us to see the immense value BIKO can provide your company. 


We only supply packaging. We do not sell, distribute, or process Cannabis, THC, or CBD of any kind.

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